The company provides excellent and effective legal services, as mentioned above, at judicial and advisory level, in the following areas of Greek Law:

Civil Law

Family Law (divorce proceedings, consent divorces, child custody applications, child contact applications, spouse and child maintenance, adoptions, claims for participation in acquisitions, partial or full custody)

Inheritance Law (issuance of a certificate, acceptance and denial of inheritance, interpretation of wills, publication and declaration of a will, actions for clergy, initiation and termination of the duties of the executor of a will, complaint of an inofficious testament, donatio causa mortisafter, trusts, bequests)

Law of Property ( vindicatory actions, negative actions, lawsuits and interim measures for occupancy, actions for personal servitude and real easement, encumbrance, control oftitles of ownership for the conveyance of land)

Leases (management of lease disputes of all kinds, commercial leases, civil leases)

Law of obligations (liability occurred through press)

Mandatory execution (oppositions against payment orders, oppositions for enforcement objections, oppositions to an adjudicative act, oppositions to the classification board, oppositions to a rent return order, applications for stay of execution, provisional orders, applications for auction correction, applications for escrow, occupancy and regulation of status, seizures of immovable property, seizures of movable property in the hands of third parties, accelerated auctions)

Commercial Law

Commercial/Corporate Law (formation of all kinds of corporate forms, including foreign corporate forms and corporate secretariat, provision of legal services in all day-to-day matters of a company, especiallydrafting of minutes of Boards of Directors &minutes of General Meetings S.A. & S.A. companies register, drafting of administrator minutes& General Meetings of Partners (Ltd & Private Capital Company), representation at the General Meetings of Shareholders/Partners, franchise contracts, project contracts, distribution & agency contracts, concessions, business transformations (mergers, divisions, acquisitions, industry contribution), corporate equity contracts, restructuring & consolidation, business asset transfers, winding-up and liquidation process).

Restructuring & Bankruptcy (Restructuring of financing of companies, Applications for bankruptcy proceedings, judicial and out-of-court representation of companies in bankruptcy proceedings,Financing and reorganisation of firms in difficulty, Acquisitions/transfers of firms in difficulty, out-of-court reorganisation and refinancing of enterprises, Debt restructuring, Acquisitions/mergers of firms in difficulty, Provision of advisory services to debtors)

Banking, Financial Law (legal advice across the spectrum of transactions relating to banking, financial and investment products, including consortium loans, leverage of investments and acquisitions, financing of projects and the regulatory framework for the provision of financial services, handling of court cases relating to the same matters).

Private Insurance Law (legal control and conclusion of insurance contracts, provision of advisory services and handling of court cases of the same subject matter).

Labour Law

(Drafting of employment contracts and compliance of its customers with compulsory labour law provisions and collective agreements, revision of working conditions, introduction and formulation of flexible forms of employment, staff lending agreements, termination of employment contracts, collective redundancies, labour claims, claims arising from accidents at work, out-of-court settlement of labour disputes and general handling of labour cases before the competent courts)

Criminal Law

(Writing of appeals, lawsuits, explanation documents, pleadingdocuments and defensive allegations, representation at the preliminary examination, preliminaryinvestigation,official investigation and in the hearing)

Areas of specialization :

  • White collar crime (embezzlement, fraud, extortion)
  • Crimes related to memoranda (forgery, misappropriation of a document)
  • Crimes related to the service (corruption, bribery, treachery, misconduct of employee)
  • Tax Criminal Law (income tax evasion, VAT evasion, issuance of false or fictitious tax information, acceptance of fictitious tax information, falsification of tax information, non-payment of debts to the State)
  • Special Criminal Laws (money laundering)

Public – administrative law

(drafting, drawing up, curating and implementing public works contracts, provision of services and supplies, according to the national legislation and Community directives, as well as the case law of the national administrative and European courts, legal aid to undertakings at all stages of their participation in public tenders and legal representation in front of the competent administrative authorities and courts in the development of the evaluation of tenders and the award of works, handling of administrative cases in general).